Why I'm Geeking Out Over Magnus the Red

Undoubtedly by now you've seen the pic of Magnus floating around the web.  Shortly after the leak, the guys in Nottingham decided to do a pretty awesome promotional video on it as well.  It appears the rumors are true; plastic primarchs are coming and looks like first up is Magnus the Red; Daemon Prince Primarch of the Thousand Sons.  I was pretty ecstatic to hear this news mainly because for the better part of 2 years I played a Thousand Sons army and they will always hold a special place with me.

Chaos was my second army and at the time, several of my friends were into Chaos as well.  They were primarily Nurgle players and I was always fascinated by the fluff of the Thousand Sons and their fall.  When I finally gave into the temptations of Chaos I turned to Tzeentch and the warriors of dust.  I still have the army although I haven't broken it out in almost two years now.  I played it a lot throughout 6th edition, however and my friends generally hated playing against it.  I never won a tournament with it at that time, but playing that army for the better part of 2 years helped turn me into a better player.  In fact, probably one of the highlights of my time in this hobby was taking my Thousand Sons army up to Memphis, TN in 2013 for the last U.S. GW Gamesday and getting to play at the World of Battle there before it closed down.  It was an amazing sight to see and getting to play a game there is an experience I'll not soon forget.

My army getting ready to go to Memphis for Gamesday. Please excuse the mess in the background

Then 7th edition released and I had already began dabbling in Eldar.  Then several new codex releases later and the game ultimately passed the army by entirely.  The army lacked mobility and speed and the game changed when 7th edition released making them practically unplayable with the focus on speed and MSU.  My Thousand Sons army was designed as an ultra elite style army that was capable of laying down massive amounts of damage to the enemy every turn.  While that was ok for 6th edition and it's more grinding Eternal War missions, it simply wasn't suitable for 7th edition's focus on ever-changing objectives and need for speed to get where you needed to be to score every turn.  Thus the Thousand Sons went to the shelf in favor of more capable armies on the table.

I do have some incredible memories playing this army though. Many weekends spent among friends throwing back beers and rolling dice in group games at my house.

And the time my friend Rob and I played a group farewell game against our friend Ben and his Tyranids in his garage as his last game before he deployed to Afghanistan for 18 months.  Thankfully he returned home safely to us!

So yes, I'm pretty excited to hear that Magnus is coming out as well as possibly some sort of Thousand Sons supplement.  I'm hearing it might be a second Curse of the Wulfen book, but it's too soon to tell.  The fact that the model has leaked tells me that this is coming very soon though.  Probably by the end of the year.  I'm not holding out hope that it will help make Thousand Sons much better, but maybe it will give me an excuse to pull them off the shelf to play again.  I'm definitely looking forward to throwing the cyclops down soon!
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