Hobby Progress: Unleash the Chaos!

On October 23rd at our local FLGS, Fanatix, we are hosting a 1500 point ITC official tournament. It's a pretty exciting time for the shop and as I'll be running and hosting the event I'm pretty pumped for it. I haven't made any real plans to play, but just in case we have an odd number of registrants, I've decided this at least gives me an excuse to start painting up my Cabal Star list. 

First the list itself. 

+++1500 Cabal Star+++
Khorne Daemonkin CAD
Chaos lord, jugger, goredrinker, sigil 

Bloodletters x8 with Bloodreaper
Cultists x8

Khorne flesh hounds x10

Lord of war
FW chaos knight errant of Khorne w dirge caster

Void shield Generator

++Cyclopia Cabal++
Sorcerer ML3, bike, Black Mace, spell familiar
Sorcerer ML3, bike, spell familiar
Sorcerer ML3, bike, spell familiar 
Total 1498

Obviously this list is light on model count but I stand by the fact that the Cabal Star is one of the most brutal Death Stars in the game. 

I already have most of this army painted fortunately. Over the past few months I was assembling and painting my chaos knight:

I wanted to run him with a melta cannon and reaper chainsword so he could double for a Renegade Knight as well when I needed. The FW knights don't have the option to take Gatling cannons or anything from the new kits. So this way I can play him as either really.  

After raiding my bits box and adding some spikes and skulls, I broke out the airbrush and got started on him. 

Once I got the base coat down I did a stippling effect which I thought turned out pretty nice. He's all done now except his base which I plan on doing after I get the rest of the army painted up as I'll be doing base work on those models as well. 

A few months back shortly after the new Black Crusade supplement hit I kitbashed myself a biker cabal. I actually won a kitbash contest with these guys and got the new 30th anniversary Space marine as a prize. So was pretty happy about that. 

I let them sit for a while as I was working on other projects and currently I'm finishing up painting them now. 

I'm on pace to get the army complete by the 23rd. I tend to work better with deadlines I've found so even though I might not play in the event, I still have a time table to get the army finished. 

I'll have more hobby progress pics coming in the next few days. 

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