Weekend Gaming: Flesh Tearers Updates

This past weekend me and my friends from our gaming club went "camping."  Now mind you usually this is an annual trip. We rough it in the woods for a few days. Drink beer, game some, and basically just cut loose.  This year we decided to take it a lot easier. We rented a cabin on a lake nearby and proceeded to game and drink all weekend.


Friday afternoon everyone started coming in and the booze started flowing. We opened up with a rousing game of Beerhammer. 

In our scenario we played the Relic by placing an objective in the center of the board. Surrounding this all over the table were scattered beers. In order for a team to pick up the relic they had to destroy the beers first. The beers themselves counted as 2 hull point AV 12 buildings. If you destroyed one you remove it from the table and immediately drink it. You can't destroy another until the last one has been drank. 

As you might imagine this ended up getting us super drunk super fast. By about Turn 2 all the beers were gone and we basically called it there as amongst all the laughter and bullshitting we were doing we lost track of the mission. 

It was a team game with Ultramarines and Space Wolves taking on Daemons allied with my Flesh Tearers (*cough cough* not that we are heretics or anything). All in all it was a great night. 


Saturday saw my friend Ben take on our other friend Finch in an 1850 maelstrom battle. They played Cleanse and Control. Ultramarines va Astra Militarum. Again, more drinks were consumed but they finished the game. 

A resounding victory for the AM. Calgar tried to break through the Guards lines and wipe them out but alas the priest was keeping the blob intact with Fearless. 

Saturday night I lined up my Flesh Tearers to take on my buddy's Daemonic Incursion Tzeeentch force full of Exalted Flamers!  The mission was again Cleanse and Control. 

Fortunately for me he did not make Fateweaver his warlord and had to eat a roll of 4 on the warp storm table two turns in a row! This was a huge factor as my knight and terminators pretty much walked through his army. Bad rolls on the psychic phase didn't help him either. Despite summoning in a bunch of extra points the Flesh Tearers weathered the storm winning 15-8!

After the game we continued on drinking while playing Red Dragon Inn. And that was the night for us as that game ended us getting us hammered!  

It was a great relaxing weekend of gaming for our club. Much needed. And I was quite pleased the see Seth and the Tearers last against such a powerful force as Tzeentch Daemons. 

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