40k Lore Theory: Sanguinius Will Return in Warhammer 40k

As we prepare to enter a new era in Warhammer 40,000 with 8th edition on the horizon, it is also worth noting that the storyline is progressing, something the fans have been craving for over a decade now.  We know that, as of this writing, Guilliman has returned to essentially lead the Imperium of Man in the new Indomitus Crusade; designed to unite humanity again as his father before him did millennia ago.

Things are changing in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and we have already witnessed the return of two Primarchs in Magnus the Red and Guilliman, and while that might be enough to satiate both sides of the struggle for a while, there is no doubt that GW has opened a door here.  Mortarion is rumored to be in the works with the upcoming Death Guard release which should coincide with the 8th edition rule set. 

We know the fate of many of the traitor Primarchs. Some killed while others ascended to daemonhood.  But what of the fate of the loyalists? Some of them also died while others have been M.I.A. since the Heresy.  Sanguinius is a particular example of a fallen Primarch. Dying at the hands of his best friend, and traitor to the Imperium, Horus during the final battle of the Heresy.  His sacrifice paved the way for the Emperor to defeat his chaos infused son.

 Fast forward to the current timeline and after the events of Gathering Storm and the Fall of Cadia, a giant warp storm is tearing through the galaxy, cutting off many Imperium worlds.  One such world, as we have come to learn, is Baal; homeworld to the Blood Angels Chapter.  Facing the threat of being cut off from their brothers in the galaxy as well as a Tyranid Hive Fleet invasion times are looking fairly grim.  And we already know a campaign supplement is in the works for the boys in red.  Is this the time when Sanguinius returns? How could that even happen?

Gathering Storm book one introduced a character into the lore that we have been told has been around for over 10 millennia now; Belisarius Cawl.  His importance in the story of Warhammer 40,000 has become largely significant as the narrative has grown.  It was Cawl who, while working with various allies, brought Guilliman out of stasis to lead the Imperium again in it's time of need. Now we are learning that Cawl has been involved in a secret project thousands of years in the making with Guilliman's new Primaris Marines; a new breed of Space Marine which is larger, stronger, and more durable than the current Space Marines.

But what does Cawl have to do with Sanguinius? I'll get to that in a moment. For now, let's look at another Primarch in the lore who is presently "at large"; Vulkan.  During the time of the heresy it was revealed the Vulkan had a special ability granted to him through his genetic code; the gift of immortality.  As revealed in the novel, Vulkan Lives, the Salamanders Primarch was subjected to heinous tortures and deaths at the hand of the Night Haunter, Konrad Curze.  Each time Vulkan was killed by the Night Haunter, he returned regenerated to his prior form.  Vulkan is what is referred to in the lore as a "perpetual."  Suffice to say Vulkan escaped the clutches of the Night Haunter and over the course of the Heresy remained loyal to his father.

Even after the Heresy ended, Vulkan led his Chapter, but eventually left on his own quest. He hid nine artefacts of power from the chapter stating that when all nine had been recovered, he would return to lead his chapter once again. The last we knew, the Salamanders had recovered several of these artefacts but at least four remained hidden.

Fast forward to the current timeline. We know that Cawl has become one of the central figures in the current 40k narrative. His significance in the narrative cannot be overstated.  And we've seen him work with others to awaken one Primarch.  I posit the theory that Cawl might either know where Vulkan is or at least has some of his gene seed which he will now use to access Sanguinius's tomb on Baal.

I believe that Cawl might have been working to achieve this end even before the events of Gathering Storm, awaiting the gene seed to take hold and heal Sanguinius and restore him to his natural living state.  And I believe that in the climax of this upcoming Blood Angels campaign series, it will be Sanguinius who will arise to save his Blood Angels and repel the Tyranid forces as well as the forces of chaos, uniting their sector with the Imperium once again. 

It is my opinion, although perhaps only the musings of a fanboy, that the golden angel will return.  As a Blood Angels player and fan, I hold out hope.  Things are dire now for our chapter, but hope springs eternal as they say.  We will have to wait and see.

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