Soapbox: Sisters of Silence and Custodes in Competitive 40k

Disclaimer: This post is dated 10-24-16. At the time of this writing Sisters of Silence and Custodes units had no place in Warhammer 40k beyond Unbound armies.

As a fan of Thousand Sons I am glad to finally see the army get some Horus Heresy love in the form of the new box set Burning of Prospero. The box set also includes two new units for inclusion into both Horus Heresy (30k) and Warhammer 40,000 games.  The only problem with taking them in Warhammer 40k games? Well, they are elites without a present Faction in the Warhammer 40k ruleset which means that to use these units your army becomes Unbound.

Lately, the competitive 40k community has been up in arms about these units as presently there is no real way to include them in a battle forged army, which is often a requirement for most Warhammer 40k tournaments. The question has popped up; should tournament organizers make an exception to the rule to allow these units into their Warhammer 40k events?

When the rules dropped (freely available thanks to GW) this past week they came with a couple of faction symbols we haven't yet seen in Warhammer 40k.  This led many scratching their heads wondering where these units fit into an Imperial army.  It led one curious user to post the question on the Warhammer 40,000 facebook page, and garnered the following response:

GW has been more vocal lately with their community, which is nice to see. They are actually interacting with the customer base rather than hiding behind the locked doors of their ivory tower as has been the case for decades.  That said, they are usually very careful and cautious about what they reply to and what they say.  Because inevitably it gets screen captioned and posted on blogs like this one and more importantly the more popular sites such as Frontline Gaming or Bell of Lost Souls.

What is interesting is that they take the time to specify that although they have 40k data sheets they have to be taken in unbound armies as currently the factions that they operate within aren't active military forces in the Imperium in the 41st millennium.  Now, TOs are faced with making decisions.

Do they allow Sisters of Silence to be taken as Elites in Imperial armies? Do they let them hold a separate detachment slot much like Inquisition forces which has just the single unit? Do they not allow them at all as they aren't battle forged?

The question is more imperative to Sisters of Silence than Custodes really because the Sisters have the built in Cullexus rules which, if allowed in the current meta, will certainly shift things. Suddenly for 15 points per model, you have a Cullexus like ability that can shut down a ton of armies out there, from Conclave death stars to Cabal Stars.

Personally, I feel as if we should take a wait and see approach on this.  Give GW time to hash things out and, as they allude to in their comment above, maybe one day we see factions representing them in Warhammer 40k. Until that time, leave them out of the game for competitive 40k or just open it up to Unbound play anyway.
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