Codex: Tau Empire Info Revealed

The latest White Dwarf gives us some interesting info for the upcoming Tau update. According to this capture, the new codex won't be changing any rules or points costs, but will simply be an update with the added decurion style build called the Hunter Contingent, as well as formation data sheets and the new units. 

So that means marker lights likely aren't changing at all. Vespids will still be useless. Supporting fire is still a thing. 

If you're a current Tau player you can skip buying the new codex and go for the campaign supplement, War Zone Damocles: Kauyon which will contain all the formation and decurion info and the data sheets for the new units such as the stormsurge and the ghostkeel. 

Codex: Tau Empire Info Revealed Codex: Tau Empire Info Revealed Reviewed by Robert Chandler on 6:51:00 AM Rating: 5

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