Redstone Rumble 40k ITC Classic 2015 Report Part 1

This past weekend my friend and I attended the Redstone Rumble in Huntsville, AL. This was the first time the event would be an official ITC event and my first time attending. We made the 4 hour trip and got to meet some amazing players, see some amazing armies, and had a blast overall. I mentioned the results and posted the winning lists in my previous post. Now on to how I personally faired. I'll cover day 1 in this post and get day 2 done in the next day or so.

First let me go over my list. I decided to bring an Eldar CAD with an Aspect Host formation. My list was as follows:

Farseer skyrunner with spirit stone
Autarch on skyrunner with laser lance

4 man scatterbikes x3
Dire avengers in wave serpents x2

Wraithknight with dual wraithcannons 

Aspect host with +1 BS:
Fire Dragons in wave serpent
Dark reapers with missile launcher upgrades
Warp spiders

Skyshield landing pad

Round 1 vs space marines battle company

Going into this event there were two lists I really felt I'd struggle with; war convocation and marines battle company. The sheer amount of grav could decimate me especially with hard alpha strikes. So in round one I drew a battle company right off the bat.

My opponent was fairly new to playing the list but he had a well painted army. It was a salamanders battle company so there wasn't a lot of grav present. Mostly flamers and meltas. I felt I had a good chance in this game. The main issue for me here was the primary mission was crusade with 5 objectives on the board which is of course the typical mission battle company excel at. 

My opponent lined up his transports along his lines and I won the roll to go first which ultimately helped me as I was able to kill several transports to start as well as most of his grav cannon devastators before they could even move. I was going through the game killing marine after marine. Transport after transport. And still there were more. Let me tell you when it comes to the battle company and the free transports it seems like an almost unending horde of marines. By the time we got to the end of the game most of his army was dead and he had only killed a single unit of mine. And because of the mission we still tied the game at the end. So we then went to kill points to determine the winner which I won handily. It was a good game and my opponent was a class act. 

Round 2 vs war convocation 

So yes here we are already just two rounds in and I'm matched up with two armies that can counter me easily. And of course this list featured blood Angels allies and he threw in the mechanicus grav units in his pods. This forced me to deploy only my vehicles as he won the roll to go first. One of the most epic moments happened here when he fired his imperial Knights blast on turn 2 on my fire dragons. The blast scattered into my wave serpent as well as his grav squad and dominus warlord. So he rolls a 1 for his invulnerable save and also kills my wave serpent. So we had to call a judge to determine who got first blood. The ruling was since we both got it as a result of the same shooting attack we would both get first blood. I was completely ok with that. 

This was probably the best game of the event for me. My opponent was great and we fought a hard battle. In the end he had only his imperial knight, an assassin, and some scouts left. But it was enough to secure a small victory mainly because I misread one of the tertiaries. Doh! Oh well lesson learned. 

Round 3 vs Astra Militarum

I had the pleasure of playing Justin from the southern state of 40k podcast and his AM army in my final battle of the day. He was a cool guy and I told him how much I enjoyed the show. We had some laughs and a good time although I managed to beat him in the end he was a good sport and a fantastic opponent. Probably the most epic moment of the event for me happened in this game. My wraithknight broke into his lines and he charged me with Yarrick and a blob squad. I managed to stomp all of the blob out so it was literally my wraithknight and Yarrick standing toe to toe. One of the tertiaries for this mission was similar to first blood only it was called last laugh. The goal being to get the last kill of the game. So the wraithknight with a single wound left attacks Yarrick and misses. Yarrick on initiative 1 hits and manages to wound the wraithknight and I fail the feel no pain. At the same time I hit Yarrick with the stomp and roll a 6 to kill him on the stomp table. So like my game before, we both got points for last laugh. We high fived after the epic fight and had a good laugh. It was a great game and I scored max points here which gave me a big boost going into day 2 

Day 1 was in the books and I came out 2-1 having to play both a battle company and a war convocation in the first two matches. I was pleased with my chances going into day 2. 

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