Warzone Atlanta 2016 Final Results

Warzone Atlanta 2016 has come and gone and what an amazing event it was! I'm glad I got to be a part of it this year and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, relaxed yet competitive 40k event. It was an absolute blast. I'll be going over my own personal experience at Warzone later, but for now I wanted to break down what everyone is really interested in. The winning lists for the event:
Warzone Atlanta has a different environment than most other major events.  Your first day consists of 3 rounds.  The first match is completely random. From there, the last 2 rounds you're paired against other opponents with similar battle points.  The next day, the organizers take the results of all the competitors (of which there were 110 this year) and break them into groups. Group 1 consists of all the top players from day 1, Group 2 has the next highest battle point totals, and so on until you get to Group 12. Each group has 9 players per group.

The Ta'unars dominated Atlanta
So, the guys in Group 1 were the top tables. These were the guys who got massive battle points on day 1. They fight there way through 2 rounds to determine the winner of their bracket. The other groups all do the same as well. So, although you might have had a less than stellar day 1, you can still be eligible for some awesome prize support in day 2 if you win 1st or 2nd in your group. Pretty awesome!

The top 3 lists at Warzone Atlanta (courtesy of Daniel Hesters) based solely on battle points were as follows in order:

Mike Twitchell - Daemonic Incursion
Herald of Nurgle
7x3 Nurglings
2xBurning Skyhost
9x3 Screamers

Brett Perkins - Various Factions
2x5 strike team
Ta'unar supremacy suit (triaxis ion cannonx2, pulse ordnance multidriver)
imperial bunker with (escape hatch, 1 x barricade)

CAD Renegades of Vraks
Command squad covenant of nurgle warlord carapace armor
20 plague zombies
19 plague zombies
29 plague zombies

Assassin detachment:

Inquisition detachment:
2x(2 x acolyte; 1 psyker)

Daemon CAD:
2x3 Nurglings

Andrew Gonyo - Tau
2x1 Crisis Suits
2x1 Tetras
Ta'unar,(Tri-Axis, POMD)

Riptide Wing
3xRiptide, Burst Cannon, SMS 

Piranha Firestream Wing
3x3 Piranha (Possibly 1 squad of 2)

It should also be noted that Thomas Byrd won all 5 of his games, but finished 4th in Battle Points although he did win Best Overall for the event. His list was as follows:

Corsair CAD
Corsair Prince, Cegorath's Rose, Cloud Dancer, Shadowfield, ML 1, Void Sabre
2x3 Cloud Dancers, Splinter Cannons
5 Cloud Dancers
2x2 Hornets
Warp Hunter

Eldar CAD
Autarch, Jetbike, Banshee Mask, Shard of Anaris
Farseer, Jetbike
2x3 Windriders, Scatter Lasers
2x3 Windriders, Shuriken Cannon
5 Warp Spiders
Vaul's Wraith, D-Cannon
Skatchach Wraithknight, 2 Inferno Cannons, 1 Scatter Laser

Your Best Overall Winner Thomas Byrd
Since the event was so wide open on army construction and list building this was as close to no holds barred I think as you can get at a major event. They did limit super heavy and GMC lords of war to just 1 per army (except knights of course), but anything within the points and within a battle forged detachment was allowed. Of the top 9 tables, 6 of them featured the Ta'unar Supremacy Suit. This thing dominated Warzone Atlanta.

I'll have my own personal review of the event later on this week. It was a unique event and I'm not sure there is one quite like it in the country. My friends and I had a blast and we cannot wait until next year.
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