My Warzone Atlanta Recap: Day 2

As I said in my previous recap of Day 1, Warzone Atlanta was an amazing event. The atmosphere was great and the vibe was positive throughout. After an amazing first day I was ready to pick up and roll on day 2, albeit a tad hungover. 

Warzone Atlanta has an interesting way of doing things to ensure maximum participation throughout both days. They take your total battle points earned on day 1 and group everyone into brackets based on the totals. You can still win prize support by finishing 1st or 2nd in your bracket.  All too often in large events like this we see a bit of a drop off on day 2 once the top 8 are decided, etc.  Larger events tend to have quite a few drops on the 2nd day. Not so with Warzone Atlanta. There were over 100 participants and only 1 person dropped, because he had literally partied too hard to play on day 2. That is pretty amazing and a testament to how great the event was.

I was placed into Group 6 based on my battle points.

Round 4 vs Chris Powell and his Infernal Tetrad/Incursion Murderhorde

It's early in the morning. I drank my weight in Newcastle the day before (and I'm a big guy). I was hungover.  So was my opponent.  He had a beautifully painted Infernal Tetrad army which I regret not getting a picture of the entire display board as it was amazing.  Chris was a great guy as well. He had the Tetrad along with 40 flesh hounds and some furies to make up an incursion detachment to roll with them.  The mission was progressive crusade with a relic in the center.  We deployed and proceeded to start. The game was going well for me. I was shooting up his hounds left and right but he was also hitting my units hard too. He kept most of the demon princes in the air and I never bothered shooting at them much. I did blow one of the princes off the board early in the game to which he was extremely frustrated, but he got over it once he saw I was ignoring the others for the most part.

By the end of the game most of the hounds were dead. I had a small group in the center tied down along with his khorne prince with my wraithknight. I made an insane amount of feel no pain rolls here tying it up while I started moving my units to pounce the objectives late in the game.  We got ready to call it and starting counting points up and it was looking to be a run away victory for me...until we realized we had been playing the scenario wrong the whole time. We didn't realize the Crusade objectives were progressive which means we should have been counting up points every turn. Doh!

Well he had an incursion list. The absolute worst possible matchup in this scenario as he corrupted objectives and moved away from them the entire game still counting as scoring them. I was playing for the end game not realizing the progressive factor, to which neither did he. In the end we chalked it up to a victory for him, but we both agreed had we realized the objectives were progressive we would have played the game entirely differently. I'm usually really good about tracking the missions, but I guess it was just a brain fart or maybe because we were both still waking up and hungover to boot. Regardless he was a great opponent and we had an awesome time in the game. He was frustrated at times at my hot dice, but I was just as shocked. At one time I rolled triple 6s for 3 feel no pain rolls. It was nuts.

Round 5 vs Stephen Cosgrove and his Imperial Knights and Space Wolves

Round 5 would have me paired up against one of The General Staff club members, Stephen Cosgrove, and his Imperial Knight Lance list with Space Wolves.  He had 3 Knights that were beautifully painted along with his Space Wolves in pods.  He was a super nice guy and an amazing opponent. We had a very good time. He was concerned with my D weapons, of course, but he weathered the storm fairly well. I did manage to kill a Knight on turn 1 with my D battery, and then proceeded to try and kill all his wolves as they dropped around me. 

In the end we had a pretty epic moment where his two remaining knights both charged my wraithknight and we duked it out. I managed to drop one of them before the D from the other one took my wraithknight down. But I'll take that trade.

In the end I had managed to kill everything except a drop pod and one knight and it ended up being a pretty big win for me. Again, Stephen was a class act guy and a very awesome person to play. 

So there it is. I managed to go 2-3, which was a bit better than I had expected honestly. Life has been pretty busy between selling my old house and trying to get the time to finish painting up my army I simply didn't have the time to practice the scenarios as much as I would have liked.  But that's ok, I still had a great time and learned a few things.

The format was pretty wide open. We used the GW FAQ with no modifications to the rules like Invisibility, 2+ re-rolls, etc.  The sky did not fall.  Nor did we really see anything that insane. Yes, Ta'unars were at the event and some on the top tables, but the winning list was a screamer spam list.  Most of the opponents I played ran either mono codex builds even.

The missions were designed in such a way so that they would never favor one particular army build over another. Many of them were objective based, so having as much obsec as possible was a big boon yes, but the missions didn't favor death star builds at all really.  They were fair scenarios in which all army types had a chance to do well at every mission.

The armies looked simply amazing. There were truly some breathtaking armies at this tournament.  Here's a look at some of the Armies on Parade entries.

The Best Overall winner Thomas Byrd's Eldar:

And finally Luke Slothower took home the Best Painted award for his Nurgle Renegades (also my personal favorite of the event)

It was also amazing to see the great prize support at Warzone Atlanta. Even GW chipped in with some amazing trophies to the overall winners!

I was quite happy to find out my overall placement was 35. And I earned a great score in Sportsmanship as well finishing in the top 10 in that category.

Warzone Atlanta was an amazing experience. My group and I are looking forward to returning next year. My hats off to everyone that helped put on such an amazing event from the folks at The General Staff and Forge the Narrative. It was top notch and I was glad I got to be a part of it. See you next November, guys! 

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