Flesh Tearers Set to Deploy

Every year my friends and I break away from life for a couple of days to camp, usually in the fall. During camp we usually break out the table and roll some dice at least a few times. This year we decided to really rough it and get a cabin. Fully furnished with plenty of room to play. This afternoon I will be departing and we will hopefully be beginning our new campaign (more on that to follow).

I'll be taking my Flesh Tearers army as we begin the battle for the Hive world Ichorax.


My 1850 list here is as follows

Librarian jump pack Mastery Level 1
Tac squad with meltagun in a drop pod
Tac squad with heavy flamer in rhino
8 death company with jump packs
Assault terminators
2x assault squads with 2 meltas and double inferno pistols on sarge in drop pods
Stormraven gunship
Gabriel Seth 

Oathsworn detachment
Knight Paladin

Since my return to the hobby several years back the Flesh Tearers have been my favorite army. I played them exclusively for a long time and have really enjoyed the army. Blood Angels were my very first army many years ago so they always hold a special place for me. 

Unfortunately I'm not going to be using any of the new Angels Blade stuff this weekend as it the models are awaiting painting on my hobby desk. 

Really looking forward to smashing some face with Seth and his very angry strike team. I'll be posting updated regularly this weekend on the matches with some added battle reports as well. 

Now onward, For the Emperor!!
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