Angel's Blade: Rules Round-Up

The dam is starting to break on Angel's Blade, a 40k supplement for the Blood Angels, as the rules begin to leak all over the web. So, let's talk about what we know so far about Angel's Blade.

First let's look at some new units and unit entry changes.

New Units:
Death Company Chaplain
Comes stock with jump pack, inferno pistol, crozius.
Allows re-rolls to hit and wound with Death Company except when they make a disordered charge

Terminator Captain has it's own unit entry as well

Unit Entry Changes:
Predators,  Baal Predators, Vindicators, and Whirlwinds can now be taken in squadrons

Predators gain Monster Hunter and Tank Hunter when fielded in a squadron of 3
Baal Predators can reroll to wound rolls of 1 when fielded in a unit of 3
Vindicators can shoot the large apocalyptic blast that ignores cover in a group of 3 as per marines
Whirlwinds multiple missile launchers have Pinning and Shred when fielded in a group of 3

Assault Marines no longer take a drop pod for free. Rather they come stock with no jump packs and you can either pay for jump packs or a pod. You can still take melta guns on the squad and now a model can take an eviscerator as well.

Devastators now have access to Grav Cannons as per their vanilla counterparts

Now, onto the formations and strike force detachments:

Angel's Blade Strike Force
Benefits: Re-roll warlord trait, Red Thirst, Zealot when any squad gets below 50%
No Objective Secured or free transports/upgrades

Battle Demi-Company
1 Captain (and command squad) or 1 Chaplain (and Furioso Dread)
3 Tactical Marines
1 Regular Dread
1 of either Assault, Bike, Attack Bike, or Land Speeder Squads
1 Devastator Squad
Benefits: Re-roll warlord Trait
Red Thirst: +1 Initiative on the charge.

Archangels Demi-Company
1 terminator captain
2 furioso dread
4 units amongst terminators, assault terminators, vanguard or sternguard veterans
Roll for reserve at Turn 1
Reroll scatter and roll only 1d6
Reroll warlord trait

Golden Host
Dante or Sanguinar
2-5 Sanguinary Guard
Benefits: After turn 2 you can pick what turn they come in on, no roll needed. They all come down together and deep strike with a reroll to scatter. May charge the turn they deep strike but are considered disordered (no benefit from Red Thirst or Furious Charge)

Leaders of the Angelic Host
1 of either Terminator Captain, Captain, Captain Tycho, Librarian, Mephiston, Sanguinary Priest or Brother Corbulo
0-1 Command Squad
0-1 Stormraven

Chapter Ancients
3-5 either Furioso Dreads, Librarian Dreads, or regular Dreads
Benefit: Once per battle, at the start of one of your turns, the dreadnoughts from this formation can use this ability on the enemy.  When they do so, they can either shoot as if in the shooting phase or fight as if in a combat sub-phase instead of moving during the movement phase.  Each dreadnought can do any of these. Dreads who shoot or fight in combat can also do it again during the normal phase of each.


Archangels Orbital Intervention Force
3 Terminator or Assault Terminator squads in any combination
Benefit: All must be kept in reserve. Make a single roll for the entire formation. Assault terminators can charge on the turn they deep strike. Terminators can shoot twice not necessarily at the same target.

10th Company Ambush Force
3-5 Scouts or Scout Bike Squads
Must be equipped with mines
Benefits: Every unit that deploys with Infiltrate and doesn't move gets stealth. Precisions shots on the first turn

Death Company Strike Force
1 DC chaplain
3 DC squads
1-3 DC dreads
Benefits: Models within 12″ of the chaplain gain +1 Attacks

Lucifer Armored Tank Force
1 Techmarine
3-5 Baal Predators or Predators
1-3 Land Raider, Crusader, or Redeemer
Benefits: All units have scout. Overcharged engines for free even on land raiders (Fast Land Raiders)

Stormraven Squadron
2-4 Storm Raven Gunships
Benefits : Once per battle, during your movement phase, declare you target an enemy unit. All the Stormravens within 72″ of the target and with a LoS must shoot all their remaining stormstrike missiles on the target. This doesn't count toward the number of weapons usable and the Stormravens may use their weapons during the shooting phase as normal.

Rapid Assault Force
1-3 units of either
Assault squads
bike squads
attack bike squads
speeder squadrons

Fire Support Force
1-3 units of either

Next up is the Lost Brotherhood Strike Force

This one is unique in that it requires 1 Command, 1 Core, and up to 5 Auixilaries

Benefits: Red Thirst (+1 initiative), Reroll warlord traits, Immediately after deployment a unit can move up to 6". This does not count as a scout move (they can charge after).  A unit arriving from reserves cannot use this.

Can select relics from the Relics of the Lost (see image below)

Death Company squads can take Stormravens as dedicated transports

1-3 either Astorath, Death Company Chaplain, or Lemartes

Death Company Strike Force
1 DC chaplain
3 DC squads
1-3 DC dreads
Benefits: Models within 12″ of the chaplain gain +1 Attacks


Archangels Orbital Intervention Force (as above)

10th Company Ambush Force (as above)

Lucifer Armored Tank Force (as above)

Stormraven Squadron (as above)

Rapid Assault Force (as above)

Relics of the Lost:

Death Company Warlord Traits

All in all it looks like the Blood Angels are getting a big boost.

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