SoR Battle Report: Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers) vs. Necrons 2000 Points

You came to the wrong planet, xeno scum!

Played against my friend's necrons tonight in a 2000 point game.  Mission was cloak and shadows maelstrom. Deployment was Hammer and Anvil

Blood Angels:
Flesh Tearers Strike Force Detachment

HQ: Sanguinary Priest with jump pack, power first

Troops: 10 man tac squad with flamer/heavy flamer in a rhino

Elites: 5 man terminator thunderhammer/storm shields
10 Death Company with jumpacks. Chainsword/bolt pistol x7, 1 power fist, 1 power sword, 1 thunderhammer

Fast Attack:
5 man assault squad with jump packs meltaguns x2. Sgt with melta bombs
5 man assault squad with jump packs meltaguns x2. Sgt with melta bombs
10 man assault squad with plasma pistols x2, Sgt with power sword

Heavy Support:
Stormraven gunship with lascanon/multi-meltas
Vindicator with overcharged engines and siege shields

Lord of War

Inquisition Detachment:
Inquisor upgraded to ML 1 psyker, with 3 servo skulls

Anrakyr's Strategic Decurion

HQ: Anrakyr the Traveller
Royal Court: 1 lord with 2+/3++ and gauntlet of fire

Troops: 5 man immortals w/ Night Scythe
5 man necron warriors x2  w/ 1 Night scythe
Ghost arks x2

Elite: 5 man deathmarks

Heavy Support:
Doom scythe

Mephrit Dynasty Resrugence Decurion

1 Monolith
15 man warriors x2
5 man immortals x 2

Coming into this game my opponent was fielding all formations/detachments.  Anrakyr's Decurion I feel is not that special here, but I was a bit concerned with the Mephrit Resurgence formation as this would allow him to keep generating lost warriors and immortals.  My strategy coming into this matchup was to take out the monolith as fast as possible with deep striking melta units and the vindicator and not worry about the blobs of warriors until I could assault and wipe them out entirely.

My opponent wins the roll to go first and deploys his army essentially right on the line.  I measure 30" back from his army and deploy to take away a full turn of shooting from him.  Even though I took Coteaz I did not opt to sieze the initiative.

Necrons Turn 1:

Turn 1, he moves some units up and the monolith and scores a couple of tactical objectives.

Blood Angels Turn 1:

I move my death company with Dante up one of the flanks out of line of sight of the monolith and it's large blast gun. Then run them a few more inches.  I move my rhino up to get in position to flame a squad next turn.  10 man assault squad also moves up the flank attempting to avoid line of sight from the monolith to which I could not get everyone out of the way.  Vindicator moves up and blasts the demolisher cannon on the monolith.  I hit but fail to damage it.  I manage to score a couple of objectives.

Necrons Turn 2:
All of my opponents flyers hit the board.  He moves up a bit with the rest of his forces.  He fires the large blast from the monolith into some assault marines and manages to kill 4 of them. Ouch!  He lines the death ray up on my vindicator and easily blows it up earning first blood.  He kills a couple of death company with his other flyers and the warriors shooting. His death marks deep strike behind my lines and kill a death company marine.

Blood Angels Turn 2:

Rhino moves over to grab an objective. Even with rerolls thanks to Dante, I am only able to get 1 melta assault squad in and the storm raven. The melta squad deep strikes by a servo skull not scattering. Right in front of his monolith.  Storm raven flies in to get a bead on the doom scythe and also fire at the monolith.  I manage to take 2 hull points off the doom scythe and 3 off the monolith but it does not blow. Death company move up and assault a squad of 15 warriors and with Dante I easily take them out.  10 man assault squad continues up the flank.

Necrons Turn 3:

He moves the doom scythe up and fires into my rhino.  The night scythes move over to engage my storm raven but I manage to jink the hits and he only glances me once.  He backs the monolith up and fires into my marines with his gauss array killing a couple.  He shoots into the death company with his ghost arks and several squads on the back field only killing a couple of marines.

Blood Angels Turn 3:
Assault squad with priest assaults his warlord and the 5 immortals. I whittle the warriors down, but he passes his break test. Storm raven drops into hover to guarantee the monolith goes down.  I drop the other deep striking assault squad with meltas behind his lines on a ghost ark.  I manage to take off a hull point but he jinks the other hit. Terminators have still not made it in.  I fire the storm raven multi-melta into the monolith with power of the machine spirit and finally wreck it.  Tactical marines move back and disembark to roast the deathmarks in my back field, which they do easily.  Dante and death company do a multi charge on a 5 man immortal squad and a ghost ark managing to blow up the ark with thunder hammer and power fist hits. Dante whiffs on his attacks to the immortals and we remain locked now going into his turn, which actually benefited me quite well.  I score a couple more objectives here.

Necrons Turn 4:

He flies 2 of the night scythes off the table as they don't have any viable targets.  The warriors fire into the stormraven scoring a lot of hits and glances with their gauss but I manage to jink them all except for 1.  He moves his doom scythe up to drop the death ray on the rhino but only manages to strip a hull point off and shake it. I actually lose combat with the assault squad against his warlord and royal court lord but do not break. Dante and company finish off the 5 immortals they are fighting.

Blood Angels Turn 4:

Dante and the remaining death company move in to bail out the assault squad killing the immortals, lord, and Anrakyr.  He rolls his everliving rolls and manages to get Anrakyr back up.  Terminators finally arrive.  I charge in the assault marines from the backfield into his ghost ark, but only manage to put 2 hull points on it.  Tactical marines hop back in rhino and move forward towards a large warrior blob in the center. I manage to score some objectives here.

Necrons Turn 5:

Both night scythes move back onto the table. Doom scythe just moves to the board edge so as not to give me a scour the skies point if the game ends (gambling that I might have it...I did have it, but had discarded it earlier in the game).  He manages to finish off the death company and Dante takes a wound from all the fire power.  He glances the rhino to death and the tac marines fail their pinning test.

Blood Angels Turn 5:

Dante joins the assault squad with the priest now that the death company are dead.  Moves the squad up and assaults a 5 man immortals squad.  Assault marines attempt to charge the other 5 man immortals squad but die in overwatch.  Terminators assault the ghost ark killing it.

At this point, my opponent concedes now having only 10 immortals remaining who were definitely going to die in the subsequent turn, and his flyers.  My storm raven was unable to finish off the doom scythe on turn 5 thanks to the jink roll.

Final score off tactical objectives is 11-5 for Flesh Tearers.

Post game thoughts: This was the first time I had tried Dante since the codex dropped. I wanted to give him a try mainly because the necron player is one of my best friends and always tries to field the strongest lists he can to beat me.  He too, however, wanted to try out some of the Exterminatus formations to see how they would perform.  I felt as if the monolith formation would give me a lot of trouble as it can be tough to bring down (combined with my typical poor dice rolling when I bring meltas).  I didn't really want to waste time shooting at the surrounding units because he could simply regenerate them with the formation.  I focused on bringing the monolith down and assaulting those units with death company and assault marines in order to wipe them out completely so he'd not get a chance to regenerate units.  It worked quite well as he never got a chance to regenerate any lost necrons with the formation, and I managed to finally drop the monolith on turn 3.  As per usual in my games with flyers, I really had limited answers for them. I was fortunate that the raven never died, but I never could finish off his either thanks to the jink saves.

Dante is really good now.  He is a one man wrecking ball of death capable of holding his own with anything in the game really.  His hit and run combined with a unit like death company is great, even though I never used it this game. The possibilities are great with it.  And he can't be bogged down by a blob for the entire game which makes him 220 points well spent.

The combos within this codex are amazing.  Better than any of the other marine counterparts so far I think.  Furious charge combined with weapon skill 5 and feel no pain on an assault squad make them a force to be reckoned with.  And death company are well worth their points if you use them properly.  In this game, that unit with Dante was responsible for killing 15 warriors, 15 immortals, the warlord, and a ghost ark and Dante was getting ready to strike another squad and wipe them out in turn 6.

I wasted my points on the inquisition detachment really, but the idea was to get the servo skulls on the board so I wouldn't scatter when dropping in my melta assault marines on the monolith. It worked, however I was unable to finish it off turn 2 as I expected thanks to my lackluster rolls on the damage chart, and the fact that even with a re-roll I was unable to get the other melta squad in to ensure the job was done.  I told him after the game that he should have screened his warriors to prevent a melta strike but he was concerned about room to maneuver his flyers so he didn't do that.

Overall it was a brutal and bloody game for my opponent, who really couldn't get anything going after turn 2 and my death company had broken through his backfield.  A sound Blood Angels victory.
SoR Battle Report: Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers) vs. Necrons 2000 Points SoR Battle Report: Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers) vs. Necrons 2000 Points Reviewed by Robert Chandler on 11:32:00 PM Rating: 5

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