SoR Battle Report: Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers) vs Chaos Space Marines (Crimson Slaughter) 1500 points

Tonight's battle report features the forces of the emperor (Flesh Tearers) taking on the traitorous Crimson Slaughter.

Mission: The Relic
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Blood Angels 1500

Mephiston (Unleash Rage, Quickening, Wings of Sanguinius)
Sanguinary Priest with jump pack, power fist, and relic for extra warlord trait

5 death company with jump packs, 4x chainswords, 1 thunderhammer
5 death company with jump packs, 3x chainswords, 1 power sword, 1 power fist
1 Furioso Dreadnought

10 man tactical squad with heavy flamer, melta gun, plasma pistol on sgt with rhino with dozer blades

Fast attack:
5 man bikes with 2 grav guns and combi-grav on sgt
10 assault marines with power fist on sgt

Heavy Support:
Stormraven gunship with lascannon, multi-melta

Warlord traits: Warlord and unit have Hatred. -1 to opponent reserve rolls

Crimson Slaughter:

Lord with mark of khorne on juggernaught, daemonheart, sigil of corruption, blade of the relentless, melta bombs

5 chosen with plasma in rhino with dozer blade (preferred enemy)
3 terminators with 2 power fists, power axe, combi-meltas x3
Hellbrute with powerfist/multi-melta

10 chaos marines with mark of khorne, bolt pistol, chainswords, power fist on champ
10 chaos marines with no mark, 1 plasma gun, 1 plasma pistol/power fist on champ in rhino with dozer blades

Fast attack:
4 chaos spawn no mark
Heldrake with baleflamer

Heavy Support:
5 havocs with 3 autocannons, 1 lascannon

Warlord trait: Opponent has -1 to reserve rolls

Chaos deploys first lining up the spawn and warlord in the center of the table in cover. Behind are the 10 chaos marines on foot for assault and a rhino with 10 more beside those.  Chosen in rhino hide behind a wall.  Havocs are deployed on top of a building in the far side of the deployment zone.

Flesh Tearers deploy a rhino with 5 tac marines with the heavy flamer behind a wall. Beside them on foot are the other 5 tac marines with meltagun and Mephiston.  10 assault marines and the warlord in the center flanked by both death company squads and the bikes.  Because of my opponent's warlord trait I only wanted to keep minimal units in reserve as I had no way to re-roll so I deployed everything except the stormraven with the furioso.

The forces are deployed
Crimson Slaughter Turn 1:

The spawn and the khorne lord move up to the center of the table and hug the terrain.  Chosen wheel the rhino around the wall but are out of range to shoot this turn and instead pop smoke.  The marines move up behind the spawn along with the other rhino of chaos marines.  Havocs fire down range killing 3 assault marines but otherwise nothing else happens.

Crimson slaughter turn 1 results in nothing more than positioning for the relic

Flesh Tearers Turn 1:

Mephiston and the 5 tacticals move around the edge of the building.  Death Company move up to accept the first charge from the spawn and lord while the assault marines move over to flank.  Bikes move over to get into position on the rhino with chosen but can't quite make range.  Mephiston uses wings of Sanguinius to hop close to the hellbrute to maybe get first blood with a lucky melta hit and some plasma pistol shots. The unit fires in doing nothing. Mephiston also casts Sanguine sword and unleash rage this turn.

Death Company prepare to take the initial charge from the spawn and Khorne Lord

Crimson Slaughter Turn 2:

Heldrake arrives and kills some bikes.  Havocs kill a couple of more assault marines.  Hellbrute backs up not wanting anything to do with Mephiston's strength 10 attacks next turn.  As expected, spawn and khorne lord move up for a charge on the death company.  The Chaos marines hop up into the terrain to secure the relic, but fall short. The spawn and khorne lord wipe out the 5 death company earning first blood. Khorne lord is now up to strength 5 ap 2 on his sword. With a ton of attacks coming from him, this was going to be a problem.

First Blood to the traitors!

Flesh Tearers Turn 2:

Stormraven arrives forcing the heldrake to jink, but causing no damage to it. Rhino moves from behind the wall but can't quite reach with the heavy flamer.  Mephiston and his squad move slightly back to center of the board.  The assault marines and the other death company charge into the spawn and khorne lord. Flesh Tearers take a few casualties here, but thanks to the furious charge are able to whittle the spawn down and kill them off leaving his lord. I positioned them for the assault so he would not be able to kill one of my fists in a challenge.

The spawn are dead now leaving the lord in combat

Crimson Slaughter Turn 3:

Heldrake vector strikes the stormraven and flies off the board doing nothing to it.  Terminators deep strike in but are unable to shoot anything.  The chaos squad moves to the center of the board and siezes the relic.  The other squad disembarks from their rhino to cover the rear assault and block Mephiston and company.  The bikes finally die to plasma fire from the Chosen.  The chaos marines manage to make a 6" charge and assault the unit tied up with the lord.  He is in position to challenge now, so has to issue one. He easily takes out the sergeant, but then the unthinkable happens.  An un-lucky boon roll turns the warlord from an unwounded khorne juggernaught beast into a lowly spawn!  Khorne is disappointed in his offering!  My priest breaks, leaving a lone death company survivor in combat with the chaos marines.

Blood for the Blood God results in mere spawnhood!

Flesh Tearers Turn 3:

The stormraven drops into hover and disembarks the furioso to help out in the combat against the chaos marines.  At this point, my sanguinary priest has fallen back from the previous turn and losing combat, but is in position to charge the spawn warlord and take him down.  Mephiston perils but manages to get the great result on the table giving him a 3++ and fleshbane.  Tac marines from the rhino drop a heavy flamer onto the second squad killing a couple.  Mephiston and his marines charge the chaos marines, losing the last 2 tacticals to overwatch.  Fortunately Mephiston is able to kill enough of them to sweep them.  Sanguinary Priest charges in to the spawn, but the spawn luckily manages to kill him before he can swing his fist.  Warlord goes to the traitors.  The furioso charges in and manages to force the traitors to break dropping the relic, but unfortunately their sweep roll is higher so they get away.  I consolidate and try and shield the furioso from the melta terminators that have just dropped down.

Mephiston and his squad prepare to charge
Crimson Slaughter Turn 4:

Heldrake comes in and smokes the last remaining death company.  The chaos marines falling back manage to regroup.  Terminators move up and fire meltas into the furioso putting a glance on him.  Hellbrute fails to wound Mephiston with his melta shot. The terminators charge the furioso and in a stroke of luck take it down without taking any casualties.  The spawn warlord moves up and immobilizes the rhino on the charge.  The stormraven manages to jink all the incoming fire from the havocs and the chosen taking a single hull point of damage.

The terminators take down the furioso

Flesh Tearers Turn 4:

Mephiston is able to charge into the hellbrute and take him down after getting the strength 10 power off.  The tacticals disembarked the rhino and attempt to flame the spawn and 3 terminators doing nothing.  Stormraven shoots at the drake and the empty rhino but manages to do nothing.

Mephiston crushes the hellbrute and consolidates near a corner
Crimson Slaughter Turn 5:

The remaining chaos marines, now having regrouped move up and seize the relic.  The spawn warlord takes a risky gamble and charges the tactical marines but dies to heavy flamer overwatch fire.  The terminators assault the rhino and take the last hull point off.  Havocs shoot at the stormraven and manage to finally take it down.  Chosen move into position to grab the relic should the chaos marines die.

The traitors seize the relic!

Flesh Tearers Turn 5:

Mephiston uses wings to shoot behind a building wall hoping for turn 6 to pop out and take down the remaining marines.  The tacticals move up and manage to hit the squad and 2 of the chosen behind with the heavy flamer, but having failed to get unleash rage on the unit, they decide to rapid fire into the squad rather than charge them.  The result is one chaos marine dead, enough for a morale check, which they pass.  We roll to see if the game ends and the die lands on a 1.  Game over.

The game ends resulting in victory for the traitors!
Final score for this match: 5-1.  Crimson Slaughter get the relic for 3 as well as first blood and slay the warlord.  Flesh Tearers are only able to get a warlord kill thanks to the unfortunate roll of spawnhood for the khorne lord.

At the end, the Flesh Tearers are left with only 6 models remaining. The tactical squad and Mephiston.  Crimson Slaughter still have a rhino left, 3 chaos marines, 3 chosen, 3 terminators, a heldrake, and an entire squad of havocs in the rear.

It was a brutal and bloody game, and probably would have been much worse had the lord not turned into a spawn.  He very likely would have tabled the Flesh Tearers had that not happened.  Having center of the board covered with that khorne lord made it difficult to maneuver my troops, and with the last hope being a failed morale check and a turn 6, it just didn't work out.  Chaos wins this one, but many casualties were had on both sides.
SoR Battle Report: Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers) vs Chaos Space Marines (Crimson Slaughter) 1500 points SoR Battle Report: Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers) vs Chaos Space Marines (Crimson Slaughter) 1500 points Reviewed by Robert Chandler on 1:17:00 AM Rating: 5

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