New Death from the Skies Rules Are Here

Death From the Skies is here and it looks to replace the current rules for flyers in the rulebook for warhammer 40,000

Combat roles:
Only flyers with the Fighter designation may choose to use skyfire. If they elect to shoot at ground targets they do so at -1 BS. 

Attack Flyers are intended to shoot ground targets. Models such as the stormraven now have this designation. 

Bombers are meant to saturate ground targets with bombs. 

Flyer Wings may have 2-4 flyers and even have their own detachment giving those that have the option to hover objective secured!

Different Attack Patterns offer different bonuses depending on the flyers combat roles. 

Pretty interesting rules. This new supplement definitely brings a whole new set of tools for armies to pull from. The dogfight phase being optional is nice as the game can be rather complex as it is. 

You can look forward to seeing even more flyers hit the board now. 

New Death from the Skies Rules Are Here New Death from the Skies Rules Are Here Reviewed by Robert Chandler on 9:30:00 AM Rating: 5

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