Eldar Craftworlds 1850 Hobby Journey

1850 Points. One Month
If you've been reading the blog, chances are you have noticed I have been focusing a lot of attention on the new Eldar Craftworlds codex recently.  About 2 years ago or so I more or less stumbled into a great deal on an Eldar army, which was basically a mashup of a bunch of Eldar models collected up within our community here and then when said collector was in need of some cash, he gave me a steal on the army.  Over the course of a couple of years I've added a few models, but not many.  I fielded the army primarily in tournaments in 6th as I acquired this army shortly after the first hard back codex dropped.  Now, with the new Craftworlds book released, I find myself returning to the army from a competitive stand point.  After several test games, I've come up with an 1850 list I'm happy with, and now the challenge is to get this list painted for an 1850 tournament coming up at my FLGS the last weekend of June.  I plan on using the blog here to progress my journey down this road.

First I'll go over the list. 

Eldar Craftworlds
1850 Combined Arms Detachment (CAD)

Farseer on skyrunner with the spirit stone (warlord)
Farseer on skyrunner with singing spear

6 Jetbikes w/ Scatter lasers
6 Jetbikes w/ Scatter lasers
5 Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent w/ Twin-linked Scatter Lasers
5 Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent w/ Twin-linked Scatter Lasers

Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent w/ Twin-linked Scatter Lasers

Fast Attack:
5 Warp Spiders
5 Warp Spiders

Heavy Support:
3 War Walkers w/ Scatter Laser/Brightlance

Lord of War:
Wraithknight with Dual Heavy Wraithcannons.

The theme I'm using is a black/blue/white theme similar to the Wave Serpents pictured which I started some time ago.  My plan is to get all of these in that color scheme before the last weekend in June.  I plan on tracking my progress here on the blog in the coming weeks.  

Painting (or re-painting) an army can be daunting and overwhelming so I'm going to break things down here in order to help keep me better organized and hopefully on track to finish.

First up will be the jetbikes.  I'm going to start these this week and hopefully by the weekend will have made significant progress on these and perhaps even completed them.  
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