The State of 40k Today

Going to take an opportunity to discuss what I feel is the current state of the game as it stands presently.  I want to preface this post by acknoweldging that I cannot stand some of the larger 40k sites and forums out there.  Bell of Lost Souls is absolute trash.  They don't edit their articles for accuracy, even down to spelling errors (Mephistan?! Seriously?).  Their tactica articles are riddled with rules errors (no you cannot cast a blessing or maledection while in your rhino, idiiot).  And don't get me started on the commenters. 
Other places online are just as bad, especially when it comes to places where the community has a "voice", such as forums like Dakka Dakka, or the even worse maligned Warhammer 40,000 facebook group.  I like to believe that MOST people who visit these sites are normal everyday players and hobbyists like you and I, and that the assholes just tend to stand out more because they're on the sites posting all the time.
So, what is the point in all this, you're asking? My point is, the community, as it stands today is rife with idiocy and morons.  I play other games, and participate openly with other communities and NEVER do I see the level of repeated facepalm level stupditiy as I see in the online "communities" that represent 40k.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of awesome people out there.  And some of these places can be great resources, if you know where and how to find them.  From hobby tutorials, tactica articles, etc. There are some diamonds in the rough in the online world (Heralds of Ruin Kill Team guys I'm looking at you), but they are few and far between.
People bitch and moan about 40k and Games Workshop religiously in these places, calling them price gouging, with an unbalanced game riddled with questionable rules, codices that are nerfed or OP, etc.  The community is full of these people.  Guess what? No one is forcing you to buy models or play 40k!  So stop bitching all the time about it.  These people are toxic to the community as a whole and bring everyone down.  The game isn't perfect.  We get that.  If you don't like it, I'm sure there are other games you might enjoy.  Stop blaming Games Workshop for destroying "your game." 
7th Edition so far has been my favorite iteration of the game.  It is designed for you and your friends to play the type of game you want to play.  It is a virtual sandbox of rules for designing forces, and playing your games.  Think the tactical objectives are stupid? Play EW missions or make your own.  Don't want to feel as if you must field certain units to play? Play unbound.  Think unbound is cheesy? Play battle forged.  Games Workshop has gone out of their way to provide a version of the game which makes it more accessible than ever. 
Is GW the perfect company?  Absolutely not.  They are very much secure in their ivory tower when it comes to interaction with the community.  It's rare to ever hear a peep from them on rules, other than an occasional FAQ that may or may not pop up.  They could do a better job of supporting the community in terms of tournament support, but they leave that up to the community.  Why pay for something that your community is going to do for you for free anyway?  While they are not without their flaws they still provide amazing content.  Over the past two years the quality of their product has grown exponentially from full color hardback codices and rulebooks, to frequent release schedules and amazing new models.  Call me a fanboy if you want.  I actually enjoy the products the company puts out.  That's why I play the game, because I enjoy it. 
The problem with 40k today is not with GW, but with the players.  The general rule of "don't be a dick" has pretty much been overlooked within the community especially online.  Don't believe me? Take a look at BoLS, Dakka, or any other large 40k community online and you'll see half of the regulars are either snarky, pretentious, or a combination of both.  And in no other gaming community is this prevalent besides 40k for some reason. 
Don't fall into this trap.  If you're going to discuss rules on these sites, make sure you know what the fuck you're talking about.  Don't be an asshat about it.  If you don't have something positive to contribute, shut the hell up.  Play the game the way you enjoy it, and stop whining.  This is a game for fuck sakes.  Treat it like one.
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